What’s a running blog without food?


What blog, especially RUNNING blog, is complete without recipes?

None, I tell you, none!

I FULLY admit that I am not a vey good cook, but I want to learn! So I will be posting healthy (and also probably not-so-healthy) recipes here. Perhaps I will have tried them, perhaps not. Like I said, cooking isn’t my forte.

After all, Poptarts are probably my favorite food (and not even the semi-healthy fruity ones).

I also might try to throw in some cool nutrition information in here. Beware of nerdy biochemistry and metabolism posts.


Q&A Attempt


So I tend to get a myriad of questions over a variety of sources – twitter, DMs, Facebook messages, emails, and even in person – and I thought that it might be cool to have a one-stop shop to find all the answers (plus it will help me not have to answer the same question over and over again).

Feel free to email me at erinfinn94@gmail.com to submit a question! You can also message me over Facebook, but as others may have found, I am not very good at responding to Facebook messages… (sorry)

Also, know that if you request it, a question CAN be completely anonymous.

I’ll do my best to answer truthfully and promptly.

Until then, ask away!

About Erin


Hi! My name is Erin Finn. I am an avid follower of Christ, a distance runner at the University of Michigan studying biochemistry, and a lover of life.

I’ve been through my fair share of ups and downs, and I’d like to share them with you. Hopefully you’ll avoid my mistakes and learn about what I’ve done to be successful.

hi. i’m new here :)


sooooooooo hello my friends!

I have embarked upon a new mission. I want to spread the knowledge that I’ve gathered over a few years of running and answer questions in an open forum. I want to empower girls to be the best runners that they can be, and I want to glean information from the world to become the best runner I can be.

I’ve learned that you can never help someone without being helped yourself.

So, I entreat you, join me on this adventure.

Also, beware, I have much to learn.

Erin 🙂