Q&A Attempt


So I tend to get a myriad of questions over a variety of sources – twitter, DMs, Facebook messages, emails, and even in person – and I thought that it might be cool to have a one-stop shop to find all the answers (plus it will help me not have to answer the same question over and over again).

Feel free to email me at erinfinn94@gmail.com to submit a question! You can also message me over Facebook, but as others may have found, I am not very good at responding to Facebook messages… (sorry)

Also, know that if you request it, a question CAN be completely anonymous.

I’ll do my best to answer truthfully and promptly.

Until then, ask away!


One thought on “Q&A Attempt

  1. I don’t think your “Ask” button is working 😦

    I’ll leave my question here, just in case you see it! I was just wondering, was your stress fracture due to overtraining? And if so, how are you planning to change your training for your upcoming seasons? (Did you do anything different between your successful track season and cross country, when you got your injury?)


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