Crests and Troughs


Hello people!

I hope that you’ve had a spectacular weekend and are looking forward to an even more awesome Monday.

(Believe me, thinking TGIM makes life much more fun.)

I’ve been riding a wave for the last few weeks – a sinusoidal wave to be specific – and as any physicist knows, waves have highs (crests) and lows (troughs). The highs are followed by lows, but the lows are invariably followed once again by highs.

Returning from my stress fracture has been a little more stressful (notice the stress that results from STRESS fractures… coincidence? I think NOT) than I would have anticipated. Things were going smoothly, so I should’ve known I was bound to head for a trough sometime soon.

My trough was another stress fracture scare. I was very lost and confused with this potential diagnosis, as I really hadn’t done enough running to have built up stress that would’ve led to a fracture.

Fortunately, this trough was short-lived. After a few days of rest, the pain subsided and a doc diagnosed it as simply some tendonitis (phew!).

Right now, I am back on the comeback trail and things seem to be going smoothly. I know that another trough is inevitable – the only thing that I can do is to take care of my body as well as humanly possible (or as close as I can get to that) and then to manage my emotions when it hits.

When I was afraid that I had another stress fracture, I almost lost it. I forgot that troughs are followed by crests. I would’ve been so much happier (and more fun to be around) if I had simply put things into perspective and remembered that there is so much more to life than running.

Right now, to avoid hitting a trough anytime soon (and to soften the blow when it does hit), I am working on putting on more weight/muscle, designing a comeback plan, and staying grounded by participating in other things (church, school, etc.).

Two other cool thing about waves:

Depending on how you define what is positive, either crests or troughs can be a good thing – it’s all about how you look at it.

OR you can square the wave, making the troughs into crests – it’s all about the work that you put into it.


Also, if you haven’t seen this, then YOU SHOULD HAVE.

Erin 🙂


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